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Welcome, Visitor. This site is dedicated to the Crabwood crop circle from the year 2002. This is done because this crop circle is with a special value in the history of crop circles that are appearing around the world and also with a special value in the human history as a subject as well. It correlates to a contact and a dialog between two or more civilizations - human and not-so-human. It also contains a message. We do not know for sure who made this circle and it's creation can be disputed, however we must remember the formation itself, study it and preserve more than a few small and tiny obscure little pictures about it with a few pixels on them (as was the case before this site was created in 2014), for it could well be a creation of those who have been imprinted right next to it's message (right next to the binary disk) and if that is so, then it will probably be not a great fact in the future, to have forgotten that message, to have lost it's data and to have disregarded the documentation about it. The purpose of this site is to preserve and update some previous data, as well as to inform and to encourage new studies on the subject. The main attraction of this site are probably the back-engineered images of the Crabwood formation. Enjoy and feel free to share the information you find here in your communities.

David Flynn introducing & explaining to the public the Crabwood crop circle.